flake epoxy garage flooring


Epoxy flake garage flooring Sydney turns tired old concrete surfaces such as garage spaces, into a visually pleasing addition to your home or work place. Epoxy flake flooring is a extremely hard wearing oil, stain and scratch resistant surface, Epoxy flake surface will not chip or fade over time,  it is also very easy to clean and maintain making it the number one choice for your garage or workshop. There are many colors to choose from to suit all individual tastes.


First of all we inspect the surface newly laid concrete a couple of years old in good condition will be acid etched, then high pressure cleaned at 4000 psi. This process ensures all contaminants are rid of and surface is etched so that the first layer of epoxy will bond and become apart of the substrate. If the concrete is in poor condition and stained we will mechanically grind away the top surface to rid the substrate of contaminants, this stage also profiles the substrate to ensure correct bonding of epoxy to the substrate. All cracks if any in the substrate will be ground and filled with epoxy.

Once the substrate has been cleaned, profiled and dry it is time to apply the first layer of 100% solids epoxy prime coat. This prime coat is applied by a special squeegee and then rolled so thickness is uniform, we leave the epoxy to cure over night and return the next day to apply the second coat of epoxy in the same manner as before. We then apply the flake to the epoxy before it cures, this ensures the flake settles and cures into the top coat of epoxy so it will never delaminate.

The final step is carried out the next day when the epoxy has hardened, we apply a seal coat of tetrathane or clear epoxy, this protects the flake and top coat of epoxy locking everything in and producing an extremely hard wearing, astheticaly pleasing final result. Renucrete will provide a onsite quote for your flake epoxy garage floor.


  • Very astheticly pleasing
  • Extremely durable
  • Very easily cleaned
  • Will not peel off like paint will
  • Adds value

Reflective Epoxy Floor    

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